View profile as friend of friend

view profile as friend of friend

Or, I can type in a friend's name (which autocompletes) to see how he or she sees my profile. If I type in the name of someone with whom I am. I would like to find out what my friends profile looks like when someone who is not their friend but one of my friends looks at their profile. How is. I can see my profile from the perspective of a 1st level friend, but I would like to see how my profile looks for a specific friend of a friend, or even. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Why would you be able to see it? Why can my facebook friends not see my event section on my p It's just that that Facebook tool that autocompletes a friend's name doesn't work for anyone not in your friend list, so you'll have to do it by yourself with a little manual URL or is the right acronym URI these days? You can View As: How is this done? Asked about 5 years ago by Francis Uy. view profile as friend of friend


how to know who view my facebook profile non friend


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